Different Types of Projects,Trainings& Progg. Of our Organisation

Skill Development Training Programme :-

Our Organisation Provide Skill Development Training of Deferent Trade as like Flouricuture, Pickle Making etc.Through some Block. In this Programme  SHG`s  Trained in Cutting Tailoring & Trained in Computer training.

  1. Women Legal Awareness Progrmme:-

    The organization Organized women Legal Awareness Programme in the rural areas keeping above view in mind the organization organized a 2- day Awareness workshop on Rural women & Women SHG Leders in rural area. The eminent person of the operational expressed their views in the programme on Panchayati Raj Institution. Women rights & Issue affecting them, social issue like dowry and liquor prohibition and services like Education and Health.

  2. Promotion of I.S.M. & H. :-

    Our country has been very rich in the sphare of ancient ayurlvedic, medicine and people are in habit to use natural ways of their treatment. Our organization has undertaken its willingness to restore its old methods of Ayurvedic treatment. It also educated the young generation about the problems by conducting seminar of I.S.M.H.

  3. Basic Orientation Programme :-

    Our Organisation have provided BOP Training of SHG in some Blocks of District. In this Programme SHG`s have been trained in Book Keeping, SHG Leaders responsibility & SHG Work Plan.

  4. Micro Credit Training :-

    Our organization have provided Micro Credit Training for NGO’s in the District level. In this programme Women,Villagers & Independent Youth have participate & Trained it. In this programme expert faculty trained in SHG formation.

  5. Self help group formation & Training :-

    Self Help Group have been formed by the organization for the empowerment of women and to increase the tendency of saving among them .
    The accounts important information given to opened in Bank by the groups saving are being done systematically. In addition with another with another self help groups have been.

    EYE Donation Camps:-
    Free eyes donation camps organized by our organization.

    Cultural Programme :-
    The organization has a cultural team i.e. organized Nukkad Natak, Cultural Activities etc on communities’ awareness Panchayati Raj. Gender sensitization and Human rights also. The cultural club was establishing in with a view to aware the general mason the several development issues. During the year this much participated in the filed of IT Information technology by the Nukked Natak. The much also take major in the fair.

    Financial Literacy Awarness Programme :-
    In this Programme People Awared by Various Govt. Schemes Like PM fasal Bima Yojana,PM jeevan jyoti Bima,Solar Pumping System,Nd other Various Schemes Nd also by doing Nukad Nataks in villages.

  6. Environmental Education Camp :-

    The World to-day is facing the problems of pollution & global warming. Water pollution and sound pollution is danger of human beings. Large numbers of trees are being cutting day-by-day use of chemical fertilizer & pesticides are growing day by day, these problems were presented before the people in different seminars organized by our organization. The method of preparation of Vermi compost by solid waste materials were presented by the experts, A campaign for plantation of trees and medicine plants was organized and large number of trees was planted by the villagers with the inspiration of the organization.

  7. YOGA Camp for SHG :-

    It is known to world that our country has been very rich in yoga & Naturopathy since ancient times. Due to bad effects of allopathic medicines, now people are in habit to use natural ways of treatment in general health & chronic diseases. So, our organization has undertaken its willingness to restore its old methods of yoga & naturopathy. It also educated young generation about the goodness of yoga & naturopathy by conducting seminar.

    Carpet Weaving Training :-
    During this financial year, BPL Family were training in this trade free of cost. This programme could not be executed smoothly due to financial crisis. Efforts are efforts are being taken up by the organization to seek financial assistance for the aforesaid programme.

    Food Processing Training :-strong>
    During this financial year, Our organization provide Food Processing related training. In this programme vegetable preservation & Papar Making Training.

    Computer Training :-
    Gauging the importance of Computer knowledge in today’s scenario, the organization took a step forward in providing the job oriented courses for youghs & women and & women try to make them self employed and also provide economical support for the community. In this course practical & theory trained in Operating System, MS Windows, Using essential Accessories, Word Processing under MS Windows, Table Formation, Documentation Enhancement, Insert/Draw, MS Excel, MS Power Point, MS Access, Page Maker, Fonts Style, Working with LAN & Internet etc.

    Animal Husbandry Training :-
    Our organization provide Animal Husbandry Training of Group leaders.

    Poultary & Goatry Training :-
    Our organization provide Poultary & Goatary Training of Group leaders.

    Retail Management Certificate Training :-
    Our organization provide Retail Management Certificate Training for unemployed youth of the District. In this Course trained in underpinning knowledge, Stock control, receiving & processing incoming goods, receiving and checking stock, discrepancy in/tampering of soal, transfer out, unloading stock, Handing the unloaded stocks, documenting unloading, documenting & loading stock returns in the van, dispatching empty tubs and cartons to the distribution center, completing documentation & stock rotation procedures for merchandise.

    Embroidery & Knitting Training :-
    Our organization provide Embroidery & Knitting Training for unemployed youth of the District. In this Course trained in :-

    i. Practice Health & Safety – select, use, maintain & store- toos, equipment & clothing safely
    ii. Practice of basic stitches
    iii. Application of decorative stitches
    iv. To design & practice motifs, floral designs, geometrical design and to finish with various decorative stitches
    v. Practice on different types of embroidery works like zardozi, ribbon, beads, mirror work etc.

    Beauticulture & Hair Dressing Training :-
    Our organization provide Beauticulture & Hair Dressing Training for unemployed youth the District. In this
    Course trained in :-

    i. Safety Precautions
    ii. Sterillization and Sanitation
    iii. Professional Ethics
    iv. Manicure and Pedicure
    v. Removal of Superfluous hair
    vi. Eye Brow Shaping
    vii. Bleaching
    viii. Hair
    ix. Hair Cutting
    x. Hair Colouring

    Total Sanitation Progg.:-
    In this Programme Peoples aware about their health & aware for making Toilets. Organization wrked on 46 Panchayats of Bhawarna block.

    SCI Progg. :-
    In this Programme Farmers are trained for new techniques of Farming like SRI & SCI .By this Technique there is more ,good nd healthy crop Coming as compare to traditional Crops.

    JLG Progg.:- Joint libeality Group have been formed by the organization for the empowerment of women and to increase the tendency of saving among them.

    Water Conservation &village Survey Progg:-
    In this Progg. Krishi jaldoots went to many villages and aware the villagers about that what is the importance of water in your life and how to conserve it .