About Gramin Sewa Ashram

Who We Are

Gramin Sewa Ashram “ Shramban” is a non Profitable organization which works on non- profitable Work for beneficial of peoples.Which is registered under section Act 1860 sub-section 21.This organization is working from 19 year in the backward area of district. Kangra of Himachal Pradesh.The main motive of the organization is to develop socio-economic and other resources of the Dalit Park of the rural mass community. Making people competent and powerful to join the rate of development by making people aware of their problems.

The institution has been working in the ten development blocks of the district headquarter of Himachal Pradesh. Registered office of the institution was in “Pichhda Varg Aayog” of District Kangra, in a village of lambagaon, Bairghatta. This time is located in Bhawarna. Organizations also expect guidance from other partner organizations for achieving their goal.

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Member of  “Gramin Sewa Ashram” Team Board

Serial No,NamePostionOccupation
1Raj Kumar SainiPradhanFarmer
2Vidhya DeviUp PradhanFarmer
5Shally ChoudharyMemberFarmer
6Meena DeviMemberFarmer